Blue Traveller

Portable Phototherapy Device for Crigler-Najjar Syndrome

The BiliLed Blue Traveller is world’s first really portable CNS phototherapy device. Travel the world by car, boat or plane and sleep at every place with a power wall outlet. A single luggage suitcase (included) contains the complete demountable system with all its components and accessories. This compact travel device suits every regular bed (also box spring) and can even be used stand-alone like in a camping tent. Of course, this lamp is also effective, safe and reliable. This product is unique in its kind and was not yet available on the market. The lamp is composed of four panels that are mechanically connected. This assembly constitutes a 60 x 180 cm rectangular led matrix that is suspended from a light weight but strong flexible arc structure. A separate power supply with an extended power cord completes the system. The lamp is basically suitable for all CNS patients.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Includes all required mechanical, electrical and optical components
  • Fully demountable
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Fits almost every bed, also box spring
  • Applicable in smaller dimensions because of the modular design
  • Stand-alone usage supported
  • Professional luggage style suitcase included
  • Fixed highly effective light intensity
  • Flat light distribution in the area directly below the lamp
  • Modular design allows application in smaller dimensions
  • Low thermal load on the surroundings
  • Soundless
  • Easy to use
  • Business hour counter
  • Sustainable
  • Safe
  • Low-maintenance


Blue Traveller 180 portable suitcase


The main features of the BiliLed Blue Traveller are:

Highly effective
Effectively it’s all about using the lamp as phototherapy for the treatment of Crigler-Najjar Syndrome. In other words, the accumulation of un-conjugated bilirubin in the body has to be converted, under the influence of light, to water solvable particles, which the body can dispose of naturally. This therapy should take place as effectively and efficiently as possible. The effectiveness is primarily determined by the colour, intensity and distribution of light. Scientific research has shown that blue light is the most effective. The Blue Traveller is equipped with blue high performance high power LEDs.

Fixed light intensity
The intensity is set at a fixed value of 100 μW/cm2/nm during production. This value is widely accepted by experts as an optimal combination of effectiveness and safety.

Flat light distribution
Traditional lamps are characterized by a light distribution that concentrates in the centre of the area underneath the lamp. However, for effective light therapy, it is important that the patient gets the same amount of light everywhere. Thanks to computer models of the optical components used, it was possible to come to a composition where the produced light is spread as widely as possible across the entire surface directly below the lamp.

The modular design of the lamp makes it easily possible to use the lamp in a smaller size, e.g. 60 x 120 cm by using only three of the four panels.

Low thermal load on the surroundings
There will always be heat generated when using electronics and LEDs. The design of the lamp is aiming for the highest possible efficiency. This way there will be as little heat produced as possible. Depending on the environment, it is possible to use the lamp in a room without air conditioning.

The thermal design of the lamp is such that heat developed by the LED is disposed of in the most natural way ensuring the longest possible service life of the LEDs. No fans or other moving parts have been used.

Easy in use
The modular design allows the lamp to be easily manually mounted and disassembled using the included wrench. Operation of power on / off switch is sufficient to turn the lamp on or off.

It is difficult to determine how long a product will last. In addition to the specifications of the components used, only a complex and expensive endurance test can provide greater insight into this. For a unique product like the BiliLed Blue Traveller this is not feasible. The main factor in life of the LEDs, is the working temperature. The thermal design of the lamp is such that it keeps the working temperature as low as possible. Due to this thoughtful design, high quality components and materials and modern techniques used, the lamp is expected to work for a long time (many years). The operating hours counter keeps accurate track of how long the LEDs have already burned.

The light emitted from the lamp only contains the specified colour blue without other harmful ingredients such as UV light. Furthermore, an important principle in the design and construction of the lamp was the safety for the user and his environment. This includes electrical insulation, temperature, radiation and touch-safety. The lamp is therefore composed of high quality components that meet strict requirements. The assembly techniques used guarantee safety.

The design of the Blue Traveller is aimed at minimal maintenance. The lamp is easy to keep clean so as to prevent dust build-up. This also ensures long-term efficacy of the lamp.