Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why did you decide to develop the Blue Night lamp?

We developed this device because we wanted the best for Gillara, a young CNS patient and the daughter of one of the developers. That was not yet available in the market. Major players in the medical device market are not interested in developing a CNS-lamp. Product development takes time, money and effort. There is only a small number of patients, therefore a small market and no chance of return on investment. But not for us, we have no commercial basis. We are not tied to financial targets and profit margins. As a father, uncle and grandfather of Gillara we had only one goal: the health of Gillara and best achievable phototherapy lamp for treatment of her CNS. Because we succeeded in this, we are currently looking if we can make this treatment available to other CNS patients.

Is this not just an amateur lamp?

No, you really don’t need to worry about that. Between us, we have several years of solid technical training and dozens of years of experience in electronics, electrical engineering, automation engineering, embedded software, installation engineering, control engineering, mechanical engineering, lighting design, product development and LED applications. We have combined all that knowledge and experience, with the development of our lamp. We are also in close contact with several doctors and scientists active in the field of CNS and phototherapy. Especially Henk Vreman Ph.D, associated with the Stanford University School of Medicine, we are particularly grateful for his ideas, advice and equipment.

The lamp is so high, will the patient receive enough light?

The distance between the lamp and the mattress is approximately 100 cm. We have opted for this, in order to keep use of the bed as normal as possible. The sophisticated optical design ensures that the emitted light is the right intensity and the right distribution, focusing on the mattress. Think of a tight beam of light that falls straight down on the mattress from the lamp.

Is this lamp the ideal solution?

No, that’s not possible. Anyone who claims their product is the ideal solution, can’t be taken seriously. Our lamp is not perfect, but it is probably the best CNS phototherapy lamp currently available. However, many improvements are still possible. Do you have ideas or requests? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to further develop and improve our lamp.